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Bagus Will!

Humm Good Will Hunting, i saw it again. have u ever seen this movie?
let’s watch this one. the story line of the movie is ordinary, but the idea is interesting. the idea about an excellent boy named Will Hunting (Matt Damon), a kind of problematic boy in terrible environment. A street fighter boy.
(in morality case, we may ignore the free life style of common American young people. Gus Van Sant the Director of this movie is began his talented skill in point of view to make a movie more delicious in this movie. And we know that he really have an upgradable talent, in “Elephant”, his another movie.)
the story took place in Harvard university. as a probation of his bad manner, Will Hunting have to finish his works in the Harvard cleaning service. the story actually began out of the story. Will Hunting hobby is reading, and luckily his selfish always make him stronger to make reason and search all the reasons he want to take. I think that’s the probability of Will Hunting characteristic, speed in understanding and high sense in curiosity, than he is able to solve problems by his own. by reading he can control and upgrade his ability (even never practice) and get better in knowledge, he assumed that when he have to do something he never did before he just do it and just know how to do it. probably his ability always grow and unexpectedly appear suddenly when he do a thing at the first time, and than did it well or very well or unbelievable 😀 …
The idea probably can be came from a personal history of Srinivasan Ramanujan, or someone else alike, or other reasons i am not so sure to define. Just a simple probability.
Beside his positive sides, will hunting was act as a young man came from a troubled family and so was his environment. Emotional and mourn can be additional spices for the good taste of Good Will.
This writing is just a simple summary of a movie which i watch it three days ago for this much :D, we can gain more good messages from this movie. so no wait, let’s watch it your self.


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lover. now I understand, I live in this world, for a moment to meet you. and the sky was filled with thousands of angels. I bowed in the rigidity of the words, in the north pole of longing. frozen by love. _sarung

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