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Politic of Law_personal introduction


what is politic of law?

most of us so nervous when talking about politic, power, or other repressive connotations which well loaded into our mind since years ago and the story of bad introduction about politic through ages.

why here we must discuss about this term? when we talking in a sentence, ‘politic of law’ its look like an ambiguity, why we must consider politic into place of justice and morality? is it really important to talk about politic when talking about law at the same place? maybe politic will make stains on the firewall of justice and law, so we must not talking them at the same time.

let’s be more positive thinking about ‘politic of law’, its more related to how the government get included to decided the best way to arrange law and regulations as good as possible. how ever power is always needed to force and to make regulation, a regulated and well arranged society toward the aim of prosperity and justice. so here we not talking about society that can be self-arranged, we talking about society with much diversity and complex structures. and in reality that is the society we live in, we are not in a traditional society with ancient solidarity among people one another, but we live in the age of complexity. and for that reason, power to regulate people is more consider needed for better live cycle.

through politic the power of government inject and affect societies, in more democratic shape of state it more be realistic, more power to people to influence the policy which taken by the power the affect of politic to the law will more controlled and in well maintenance. we should say that politic is the representation of the public will, so if the political system became corrupted, we can say the affect to its policies will be awful and the repressive law with its monster face will haunt people. in this kind of situation the regulation which released from the policy of power will not give well protection to the people’s senses of justice, which will affect the standard of public prosperity.

for instant we can say that the route of regulation created is well run down from top to down, but the top should be always consider the real condition and the need of the people to reach prosperity. and in the open management of government which always need corrections from people, the law and its aim to reach prosperity and justice, will be more in maintenance for better political situation, between government and people. so it is very sensitive to talk about the government political will for the prosperity and justice. and on the other hand, people must have chance to get influenced to decide governmental policies. it can be said as ‘well maintenance politic of law’.

so here in talking about politic of law the key words are: politic, law, policy, political will, justice, prosperity, power, government, public, and all related keys to solve the problem of regulating and arrange public into well orginized society. [st]


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